Hello It's Me Gahidul Islam

Expert in Logistics Sales & Marketing Logistics Operations eCommerce Operations

|| About Me

have learned to fight against the hard reality of life since I understand that I am blessed with my irreversible paralysis in 1 of leg. Yes, I have considered myself as a fortunate human being as I got my courage to fight and survive against impurity of the world at the age of 2. My grandmother was the source of my hope as I have learned to cope up with my life through her courage. With a heavy hope I never considered myself like an unfortunate human being, and I have done everything like my friend do in my childhood.

In parallel of my education, I have learned every possible extra curriculum activity like learning computer, operating web browsing which is ended with completing web designing and certified digital marketing courses from google. I have engaged myself with sales, core digital operations, Supply chain Management, Fleet Management, logistics operations till today in my career path.

As a person I never stop dreaming to reach myself at the highest pick of my desire. I love to learn, fight against the reality, enjoying of handling the hurdles of my life with high motivation. I believe physical challenge cannot be a road blocker of your path if you truly desire to ride the path with honesty and self-confidence.