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DMD of Parceldex Ltd.

My story is one of triumph over adversity, a journey that started with Polio affecting my left leg at just 11 months old. Guided by my grandmother's dreams, I not only conquered physical challenges but went on to achieve academic milestones, completing my graduation in 2011.

Md. Gahidul Islam - Deputy Managing Director of Parceldex Limited

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Welcome to the journey of Md. Gahidul Islam, a trailblazer in the world of logistics. Born on March 2, 1990, I have conquered challenges with determination, emerging stronger with each obstacle.

Journey of Triumph: My journey began with the challenges of Polio at 11 months old, but it was my grandmother’s dreams that fueled my determination. Against the odds, I not only completed my education but ventured into the dynamic field of Information Technology.

Professional Odyssey: From my early days as an IT specialist at Jagonari (NGO) to pivotal roles at Pathao Limited, eCourier Limited, and Evaly.com Limited, each experience has shaped my expertise and passion for growth.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: In 2020, fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit, I founded Parceldex Limited—a venture committed to redefining logistics with innovation and reliability. As the Deputy Managing Director, I lead a dynamic team in delivering cutting-edge solutions and setting new standards of excellence.

Beyond the Corporate Realm: I believe in turning challenges into opportunities, fostering a culture of learning, and embracing growth in every experience. Join me on this exciting journey as we shape the future of logistics at Parceldex Limited—an environment where innovation meets unwavering commitment.


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